About Us

Temple Beth El of Patchogue, a Conservative congregation, is a welcoming community. We value individual spiritual growth and Jewish learning and acting in the world to make it a better place. Our prayer services are traditional and egalitarian. Jewish men and women participate equally in our services.

Temple Beth El prides itself on being an inclusive community, where all of our congregants feel welcome and accepted for who they are. We welcome and value the diversity of our members' abilities, age, skin color, gender identities, sexual orientations, family structures and political views. We are committed to creating a culture of respect, tolerance, acceptance and a safe space where members are enriched by each other's participation in our community. Our membership includes individuals and families from many different communities in Suffolk County.

Our Board of Directors


Co-Presidents: Cheryl Gavin, David Stern

Executive Vice President: Arnold Mendelsohn

First Vice President: Jayne Hirsch

Second Vice President: Robin Stern

Third Vice President: Star Wahnon

Treasurer: Joel Kessler

Recording Secretary: Ellen Schuster

Board of Directors:

Heather Grosz-Schneiderman, Sol Harz, Molly Jankowitz, Lawrence Lazar, Carol McCauley, Michele Nuceder, Will Ryder, Richard Siegel, Neil Starkman, Sandy Stoll, Linda Tabatchnik